Monday, February 20, 2023


Why couldn't I go back to the past and chose not to be here?

Why do I still feel empty in this life?

Why don't I feel happy?

Why haven't I found the meaning of happiness?

Why do I always feel sad with no reason?

Why am I scared of people?

Why do I have so many overthinking?

Why do I feel insecure?

Why do I feel incomplete?

Why am I so fragile?

Why am I broken?

Why am I too sensitive?

Why am I nervous?

Why do I always think negatively?

Why do I have trust issue?

Why don't I feel grateful?

Why don't I have motivation?

Why couldn't I stand with the loud?

Why couldn't I control my tremor?

Why should I do these things?

Why is the life so flat?

Why does no one understand?

Why am I abandoned?

Why couldn't I love myself?

Why should I live?

Why was I born?

Why those questions appear?

My past never ask those questions

The present of me is messy

and thinking too much about the cheerless future



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