Sunday, March 19, 2023

Dedicated for Mom's Death Anniversary

Exactly today is a year of my mom that passed away, it was on 19 March 2022. This post is dedicated to my beloved mom. 

I hope, the reader who randomly jumped to this post, together with me, kindly pray for you. 

Allah, I know it was you who designed the leaving of my Mom. Allah, please erase all the sins that my Mom have been done, either intentionally or unintentionally. She has a pure and kind heart. Her patience is extraordinary. She is also so soft and never yell at me. 

I remember her accompany every time I was afraid sleeping alone. She rubbed my back and stroke my hair. She is full of love even though she never told me directly. But, no worries, she did finally in my dream. It's already sufficient for me. 

All the family also love her. Her fried rice is the best. Every time she cooked in the morning and when the smell flies to the neighbors, my nephews caught the smell and immediately came to our house, to ask for mom's fried rice. I tried several times to copy her recipe, but I failed and never succeeded. Even my sister and sister in law also could not imitate. I don't know what was the different, I guessed it was in you mom, irreplaceable. Hence, your tasty fried rice just turned into our most beautiful memories. 

You were also generous. Even though you didn't work, just a house wife, with your good heart, you taught the neighbors in majlis. I am always happy when you were with them. Not only because I watched you taught them charismatically, but also I watched you happy surrounded by them. I noted that meeting them was one of your happiness. Because you were surrounded with your friends and chit chat happily. 

When I noticed you were a little bit sick, but still forced your self to attend the majlis, at first I felt worried until I found, you were full of smiles. I guessed, meeting them was the medicine for you. 

If you know Mom, I was really worried back then, when it was Covid19 outbreak, and you could not make any meeting at all with them. Deep in my heart, I felt sad seeing you sad. Even though you didn't tell. I know you were sad. Day by day you felt alone. You lost your primary medicine, your motivation, your energy as you could not meet them. Really, I was worried, and it was true. I couldn't replace their spot in your heart. Even until your last day, you could not attend any majlis as Covid19 situation, every meeting is still restricted. However, I heard that, they made time to meet you before your last day. 

Mom, they miss you as well, they also love you. Last week, when we commemorated your death anniversary, I saw several of them cried. I truly understood what they feel. They, your friends, also feel empty without you in majlis. I couldn't hold my tears when they approached me and talked to me. They cared about me knowing me now alone without you and dad. Mom, I hope, there, in good place, you are surrounded by good people, so you never feel alone. 

when we commemorated your death anniversary

your friends

Allah, kindly give her the best place and good friends there. Please, convey our longing feeling. We will always remember her. 

Back then, diabetes mellitus limited her to eat what she likes. Allah, please also give her good foods, her favorites. She likes avocado, sapodilla (sawo), duku, durian, mango, watermelon, lontong sayur, nasi uduk, ikan bakar, kerang hijau, rendang, cumi goreng tepung, ikan pepes, es doger, ubi cilembu, sayur asem, and so on. You can ask her directly what she wants. 

Allah thanks for giving me times with my Mom, during the times with Mom, I was always happy. Even though we are separated in dunya. I hope, you give me eternal times to be with her again in your heaven. 

We visited your grave, to pray for you though it was rain after that. Our love to you was not beaten by the rain.

Alfatihah for my Mom, ila arwahi Hj. Siti Muniroh binti H. Husein.


Alhamdu lillāhi rabbil'ālamīn

Ar rahmānir rahīm

Māliki yaumid dīn

Iyyāka na'budu wa iyyāka nasta'īn


Sirātallażīna an'amta 'alaihim gairil-magdụbi 'alaihim wa lad dāllīn


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