Sunday, March 19, 2023

Thank you for still remembering me :'

When I was in Hokkaido, I struggled to get friends. It was my first time living alone, with nobody that I know. I thought, it would be easy to get friends. The reality, it was not. I joined every circle, but sadly when I remember them, they don't remember me back. I felt that, I was still not included as their friends.

Until in my second year, God granted me friends that I can rely on. They remember me back. I felt complete. As simple as remember me when they wanna hang out for dinner or make a trip. That is what I want as a friend. 

Even though we are already separated, they still remember me. One of them sent me picture of recent cherry blossom in Tokyo, another one sent me gift from Hokkaido, one invited me to his wedding, and happily I could make time with another one offline since we are still in Jabodetabek area, we had lunch in D'Bollywood, a restaurant for Indian cuisine, the review of the foods, click here

The cherry blossom that just bloomed in Tokyo recently, I guessed it has not bloomed in Hokkaido.

The cake that I received, my favorite

Dear my generous friends, I didn't ask for something pricey. Just remember me and have time with me are already enough. Thank you for still remembering and having time with me. I really appreciate this friendship as the remaining of friends that I used to have, some of them are already forgetting me. 

I wish you all a good luck with your dreams and a happy life. Hope, we can reunite again. 

Kimi tachi ga inakute, watashi wa sabishii desu :'

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