Tuesday, April 07, 2020

American Tourister Suitcases

Before my arrival in Japan, it was in Depok where I remember the moment when I fell in love for the first sight with American Tourister suitcase. I received many recommendations, but my choice was fallen to American Tourister because of its flexibility, bright colors, and light. I couldn’t unite my need of cheap price and good quality, so I ended up buying American Tourister tough expensive. 

Less than 1 year of my stay in Japan, I looked for small suitcase (for cabin size) that I might need it for some small trips. What a surprise, I found the daughter of my prior suitcase with the same color and brand. Without any doubts, I led it to the cashier and proceeded the payment. I couldn’t believe, the family was then united after a long time being separated

One day, my father video called me, in my first day of staying in an apartment for 1 month after leaving Japan. He asked me, 

“Do you live together with someone else?”.

“Of course not, I’ve told you already that I am alone, how come you asked me like that?”, I replied.

“Because I saw 2 suitcases”.

“Oh my, haven’t I told you already, I bought another one during in Japan, so the small one is also mine”.

I don’t know how much in love I am with American Tourister suitcases and I swear, I should not separate them, and I am determined to find the other family members.



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