Wednesday, April 08, 2020

My First Hanami

Watching cherry blossoms (sakura) in Spring is named Hanami in Japanese. my first Hanami was in Hakodate. Together with LPDP awardees, we went there by JR train. It appeared to be a long journey as I saw mba Vera brought her hot coffee in her thermos. Occasionally, she sipped the coffee while staring at the rain through the window.

in JR Train

Bang Freddy talked a lot about Hakodate cherry blossoms that sounded to be worth to see. I couldn’t wait for it. Pak Eko, who was living in Hakodate, told us already that the cherry blossoms had already bloomed since a few days before which means if we were lucky, we could still see the beauty, because there was a chance of seeing nothing as the cherry blossoms might have fallen already once we arrived. With 50:50 possibility, we were still determined to go and see.

Hakodate Station

Five hours we spent, finally we arrived in Hakodate precisely in Goryokaku Park where the cherry blossoms trees formed a star shape that can be seen from Goryokaku Tower. I witnessed the beauty of cherry blossoms live. Some of the flowers had already fallen so Pak Eko’s worries was proved correct. However, it was not fully true as some of the pretty cherry blossoms were remained awesome though the green leaves had appeared already harmonized beautifully with the flowers. 

Goryokaku Tower

View from Goryokaku Tower

Taking some pictures, having lunch under the cherry blossoms, going to the market, eating sushi were the activities that described how we spent the one-day trip.

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