Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Jogging Drama

I started my life in Japan staying in university dormitory. The secretary suggested me to stay there as I was a newcomer so it would be difficult for me to rent an apartment. At that time, I didn’t know how difficult it would be, so I followed her advice. Most of new students also started their life in the dormitory. I heard, not all of them finished staying until the end of the contract for some reasons. For my case, I believed, I could stay there for 6 months. 

Although I moved far away from my hometown, I didn’t want to leave my jogging habit. I tried to find jogging partner. In my batch, Indonesian students were only two including me. I like to talk, hang out, and doing outside activities a lot, but she didn’t like. She might not like my jogging idea. The others were international students. Luckily, I got along with one Indian student with whom I went jogging together. As she was sometimes busy, mostly I went for jogging by myself. Jogging alone for one time was not bad, but when I did it frequently, I felt bad. How come my life smelled cheesy.   

When I prepared to jog alone

Going to the lab, coming back home to the dorm, shopping in AEON, cooking, sleeping, those were my regular activities. I just realized, I could not find other Indonesian students when there should be many of them. No communication, no friendship, made my passion of living including studying burnt low. “What is the meaning of pursuing study higher when you don’t have the basic of life?”.

Everyday I fell silent, I couldn’t hear the happiness. It became worse when the summertime came. It was raining frequently.  To reach my laboratory, I spent 1 hour by walking or 30 minutes by bicycle, but it became heavier because of the rain so I often fell ill. Usually I am okay with the rain, but it seemed my health was worsened by my bad mental health. Having no good life rang true

In my fourth month in the dormitory, I decided to move out. I couldn’t bear living without friends. I found out, most of them prefer staying at the other side of university, different side from the dormitory that's why I never met them. Thus, I broke my contract and immediately started my new life in my new apartment and new environment. Wishing to have many friends.

Briefly, once I moved out, my desire to have friends ran wild. I knocked every door. Sadly, most of the doors were closed, but when my tears ran dry, the last door was opened widely. You might not know how happy I was. The feeling was like I dare to give my heart just for them. This is how I value them so much. I got friends so then I started my ritual with them. 

Jogging was not done alone anymore. Once again, I got friends! Yippiee!!!!!!

Linking verb
Burn low
Fall ill
Fall silent
Ring true
Run dry
Run wild


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