Tuesday, April 14, 2020


One day, when I went back to the dormitory, before I went up to the stairs to reach my room in the 5th floor, I saw a group of Japanese old women in the common room managing yukata. An international student was dressed in yukata beautifully, so I came in casuallyProbably, I would get the chance to wear Yukata that would be my first time in my life. 

Yukata, a Japanese traditional dress worn in summer, is different from kimono that it has fewer layers than Kimono as the weather is hot during summer. Japanese girls usually wear yukata when going to firework festival or other public events or activities. 

Presumably, one of them offered me to wear Yukata as I couldn’t speak Japanese and just read from her gesture, so I replied, “haik” by nodding my head which means “yes” in English. I was so happy if that was true as I also had the dream to experience wearing Japanese traditional dress as the price of the original clothes are mostly expensive. Luckily, it was correct. I chose the color and the motif I wanted to wear, then she started dressing me. 

Together with the other international students who dressed in Yukata we took photo shoot. I voluntarily became the photographer. They looked like Japan ambassador, a global face in Japanese traditional dress.  

I posted the picture of mine wearing yukata in instagram, then my friends began to give comments. One comment made me laughed so hard was a comment from friend telling that I looked like the wife of samurai, the name for Japanese warrior. How come he had the idea like that, haha. 




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