Friday, April 17, 2020

Baseball Game

I want you to try watching baseball as what I did together with my sensei and friends. It was in Sapporo dome, Hokkaido, Japan. In fact, you mustn’t bring any foods or drinks from outside. However, there was no other ways as I couldn’t eat and drink anything available there. I couldn’t drink beer nor the fried chicken, so I went to the convenient store to buy onigiri, some snacks, and ice cream.

Wow, what a nice feeling watching baseball by licking the cold ice cream. Next time, come to watch with me and let’s buy ice cream, shall we? However, I couldn’t understand the game, so sensei taught us some basic rules. For you, study the rules before watching, won’t you? It’s better so you can enjoy the game, so no one will distract you.

Thus, if you have the chance to visit Hokkaido, don’t forget to visit Sapporo Dome and have a nice live baseball game, won’t you? Don’t come alone, will you? Or you can come with me ;p

Other ways to express orders
I want you
You mustn’t

Warnings and reminders
Don’t forget

Informal invitation
Come to watch

Let’s – shall we

Imperative with greater feelings
Study - won’t you?

Reminder/ Good wishes
After positive, negative
Have a nice - won’t you?
Don’t come – will you


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