Saturday, April 18, 2020

Interview by Myself: Cooking and Jogging

What did you do in your spare time?
When I was not in the lab, mostly cooking, sometimes jogging, and a few times traveling. Those postings about food recipes were the evidence how I spent most of my spare time in Japan for cooking (check here). I am not a licensed chef, moreover before coming to Japan, rarely did I work in the kitchen. Most of the kitchen works were done by my mother, my sisters, or the maid. I am serious. Then, realizing I will live alone, I started learning cooking from my mother and sisters before flying to Japan. Then, I found out the enjoyment of formulating dishes. Since I arrived, I continued the cooking study by following recipes from Youtube or Cookpad. For several times, I invited my friends to join me having the meals.

Who did you usually invite to your house?
My close friends. They are Om Egy, Irun, Agung, Aya, Philip, and Yeni. I also frequently invited my international friends and other Indonesian friends. Usually my cooking was a success, but for several times I also underwent failure. For all the cooking I made failed, I felt sorry.

What kind of dishes did you usually cook?
Mostly Indonesian, sometimes Japanese, rarely Indian dishes.

How did you get the materials?
Almost all the things, I can get from the convenient store, but for some uncommon materials, I went to Gyomu Supermarket or bought them online.

For common materials, which convenient store did you usually go?
Z convenient store, it was close to my apartment, only 1 block away. The price was also inexpensive. I usually bought vegetables, dairy products, and snacks there. Sometimes, I went to Lawson, this one was also near my place, but the price was like a hell, for umbrella, I spent 1000 yen, huft! Meanwhile, in Daiso, I could spend only for 100 yen.

You mentioned about jogging, how often did you jog?
I jogged every night when I was in the mood, might be three times a week in summer, two times a week during Spring and Autumn. Never did I jog during winter. Did you know? The temperature could reach under -10 degree Celcius at its coldest. Although I didn’t jog during, when the temperature was warmer around 5 to 8, I could see some runners outside. Wow, they got the nerves.

With whom did you jog usually?
I enjoyed jogging with my close friends, but sometimes I did jog alone. Miserable
Check it here

What other sports did you usually do?
Cycling. Actually, I didn’t count this as sport because I cycled almost every day, but eventually, I did sport, didn’t I? A good habit that Indonesian people are still hard to imitate. I know the reason why, that is because of the weather. Japanese people can enjoy cycling as the temperature never as hot as Indonesia and the sunlight was not too fierce. So, while cycling we were seldom sweating. Compared to Indonesia, when cycling, the t-shirt would automatically get wet even your skin got tanned.

Understood. What a nice interview about your cooking and sports. Next, how about another interview? Let’s talk about traveling, another part of your activities that you spent during your spare time.
Ok, I’d love to.

Questions words: more detail
What did you
Which convenient store
Which other sports
How often

Question word as object:
Who did you usually invite

 Question word as the object of preposition:
With whom


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