Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Watermelon Time

What an expensive watermelon is! Over 1000 yen. A fancy fruit available only in summer. In my lab, the members celebrated summer vibe by crashing the watermelon with stick made from newspaper. For sure, it didn’t work, it bent. However, the people are happy watching it.

The rules if you are the person in charge of crashing it are firstly, you will wear mask so you cannot see; secondly, your body is spun for 10 times, all the members will help counting; thirdly, the position is altered, so you  don’t know whether the watermelon is straight in front of you or in your left or right side, but the members will help you give the direction; the last, reach the target, once you arrive, crash it with the stick. 

That’s how you enjoy the precious watermelon in summer in Hokkaido, Japan.



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