Friday, April 17, 2020

Blueberry Picking

Seldom did we go out together. Only in Summer did we have laboratory trip. Whereas, Hokkaido is beautiful in every season, but at no time did we have lab trip in spring, autumn, nor winter. That’s why, we should enjoy the summer trip. At that time, we went for blueberry picking. Never in my life, have I seen blueberry directly from its tree. The tree was like a bush type, so I could reach them easily as the height was lower than my shoulder.

Not only blueberries, but also plums were there. Not since I was born had I tried plum, sour but refreshing. I liked it. However, there were no strawberries and persimmons that I wished to be there, nor was there ice cream made from the fruits, only snacks were available, but I wasn’t interested in. 


We were free to pick every fruit in that garden, but under no circumstances should we pick a lot, there were limitation, only for testing, so we were not allowed to bring home, hmm so bad. If we were allowed, I would have picked everything as much as it’s fit in my bag. Overall, I like the garden, spacious, had many fruits and free to test. Not bad.

Inversion of subject and auxiliary because of adverbial with a negative meaning
At no time
Not since I was born
Under no circumstances


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