Monday, April 06, 2020

Heavenly Lavenders

Aqmal and Aimi told me about a bunch of lavenders lying on the boxes in their laboratory. They asked me to visit. For sure, without hesitation, I agreed to follow. Those lavenders were from the professor next door who nicely grew them in his garden. 

Once I opened the door, the heaven smells raised my endorphins. Excitedly, I set a few of them in Erlenmeyer flask. Their beauty couldn’t stop me from staring at them. This made me lay an idea.

When the sun rose, the sunlight entering my bedroom was sufficient, I took those lavenders and arranged them in a photo shoot. I sat quietly, set good angle, and boom, here is the picture.

Heavenly lavenders: what a summer in Hokkaido!

Transitive - Intransitive
Set - Sit
Lay - Lie
Raise - Rise


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