Thursday, April 16, 2020

Meal Time!

Although from different faculty, we were united by the Japanese Class as we always got into the same classes since we first joined it. Then, we decided to always hang out together. We were Yadi (Turkey), Sung (Korea), Sasha (Rusia), Sajia (Finland), Risma (Indonesia), and I.

One day, we made an appointment to have dinner in a restaurant near the university, a barbeque type restaurant. Risma and Yadi couldn’t drink beer, neither could I so we chose orange juice instead. While Sung, Sajia, and Sasha enjoyed Sapporo beer, the famous beer in Japan.

We ordered some type of meats. As it was a barbeque restaurant, so the meat had not been cooked by any means, so we had to cook it by our own self. We three as Moslems were absolutely no pork to eat, so they followed by just ordering beef and chicken. What a delicious meal!

Expensive, but were not in the least done eating, so we ordered more. Sung and Sajia looked not nearly done drinking, so they also ordered more beers. We had so much fun.

We are far from a perfect friendship as we can not always be together, there will be a time when we will separate each other. This is what is called as life. I also believe there is no friendship whatsoever which is perfect as nobody is perfect, but never give up to get what makes you happy whether friendship, family, or relationship.

Emphatic Negative
By any means
Absolutely no
In the least
Not nearly
Far from


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