Sunday, April 12, 2020

HUISA Trip to Moerenuma Park

I spared my weekend for HUISA trip. HUISA is the name for Hokkaido University International Student Association. We went to Moerenuma Park. Although raining, we continued the trip. I couldn’t believe the park so large. The iconic building, I don’t know the name, is triangle shaped. I called this place futuristic because the place considered modern-unique architecture. So wonderful. 

Not only that futuristic building, but also other attractive spots that I hadn’t explored yet were interesting. If not raining, I might already use bicycle for sightseeing. If I had another chance to visit, I preferred the trip full day so I can explore all the spots. Because of these facts, I found this park recommended. Wish to come again with my beloved ones.

Together with international students, we had some talks and they thought me Malaysian. It was not a joke, everywhere, someone with Hijab familiarly recognized as Malaysian, may be this is because Malaysian visitor numbers were higher than Indonesian, so they were more familiar with Malaysian. By this post, I declared myself Indonesian. If you keep recognizing me Malaysian, should I paint my face red and white? It drove me crazy. Haha, just joking. FYI, red and white are Indonesian national flag composition. 

Under the rain, I used my umbrella. But wait, I was left alone. My new friend, a Chinese, enjoyed talking with the Bangladesh boy. Moreover, I was envy as he held the umbrella for her, the feeling was like I wanted to pull her away from him and send him to the canal alongside. At final, it was her right to choose with whom she wanted to talk with. Though I am introvert, I still wish to be with friend, not being left alone. Anyway, that was fine, the scenery was more attractive than watching them.  

Out of the topic, I met the Bangladesh boy again in the same class and the same group. I couldn’t find him positive. He liked to deny our ideas so we couldn’t quickly reach the conclusion. Even though he popped up some new ideas, those were unrealistic while we need something realistic because we will technically practice it. The worse was even he never joined our fieldwork, so his contribution was zero. Not only me sick with his behavior, the other 2 members also felt the same. From that case, I appointed him the parasite.

Haha, sorry for keep babbling about someone you don’t know. That’s all what I want to tell, overall my short trip with HUISA was amazing.  


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