Sunday, April 23, 2023

Camping with the Boys in Situ Gunung, Sukabumi, West Java

It was a good thing that we decided to come back to Jakarta on the first day, because my three lovely nephews were successfully persuaded to join me camping when I was about doubt just being by myself with my brother's family and my sister in law's relatives that I might feel awkward. Thankfully, It would not be bad, I would be alright since the presence of my nephews. I promised to my first sister and second brother that they will be under my responsibility wakakakak. 

We went to Situ Gunung for camping, they were excited since we arrived, impatient and started kicking the ball. 

The bigger brother helped the youngest to settle the shoes

The air was so fresh, unpolluted, and clear. The lake itself is so wide, yet I guessed it is dangerous to swim, as the water looked unclear and probably full of mud. Yet, the green trees surrounding the lake beautify the full view. It is worth it to stay for the day. 

I was insecure at first, afraid of the dark, and never had experience camping before. However, knowing how many visitors that were willing to stay in a camp, my fear was gone. 

The access to toilet and praying space is also not difficult. Not that clean, but also not that dirty, it is just fine, still acceptable, and better than nothing. We need to pay for 3000 IDR, more expensive than usual public toilet which is around 2000 IDR only. However, when the sun down, there is no lights available around the path to those facilities, so it is necessary to bring lights and friend to accompany. 

The praying space

I also felt regret for not bringing emergency lamp to be put around the tent. Because it was really no lights around the camping area too. I depended on the lights from my laptop and also lamp from the phone. Yet, the battery is limited and we were out of electricity source, thus we were in two options, to have lights but spending batteries or to stay in the dark to save batteries. I chose to have lights and spent the batteries until it died. 

My nephews could not detach from gadget, although we had battery issue. However, they were way more brilliant than me. They went to the closer shop to buy something in disguise and charge their gadget as the side motive. Good to know that they were able to resolve their own issue, but accompanying them to the toilet in the dark was my own challenge. 

It is not complete if we do not bring our own foods. So, here we had prepared our amunities. The youngest is a little bit picky, but as long as I provided him with popmie, it is okay for his stomach. 

A well-spent break that I had for Eid Fitr holiday with the boys. 

We were just four in a tent, each of them brought 2 shoes, 1 for general, while 1 for football. However, for how many times I tidied up the mess, they created the mess again. Grateful they have patient aunty wkwk.

During the camp, we had feast including fun games with the kids. My youngest niece santuyly (read: casually) ate kerupuk (shrimp crisp) during the games.

Here is the full members of the camping activity. 

Me and the boys, their faces wkwk

Overall, it was enjoyable, recommended place for camping. Things to bring:

  1. Foods
  2. Amenities
  3. Lights (flashlights and emergency lamps)
  4. Power bank
  5. Jacket
  6. Foldable bed
  7. Bedcover
  8. Umbrella
  9. Portable stove
  10. Pot
  11. Drink water
  12. Medicines for anticipation, such as for colds, fever, betadine, and so the like
  13. Companion, don't dare to go anywhere alone, I am serious, it's dangerous 

Things to note:

  1. Predict the weather, not good if it is raining
  2. Don't act sins
  3. Don't talk harshly
  4. Pay attention to your manner
  5. Don't litter carelessly, mind your own trash

That's all.

As long as you pay attention to what I wrote above, I believe you will enjoy the camp. Anyway, have a pleasant holiday!



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