Sunday, April 30, 2023

Fever, Mall Trip, and to Treasure More Every Moment

In the middle of the Eid Fitr feast, some of us getting flu and fever including me. I felt guilty when one of my nephews got fever but he was not getting better after one night. From my experience, he should feel better, but it turned out different. 

After I investigated, I realized, probably it was due to his taking the medicine by cutting it into two pieces when after rechecking again the tablet, it is written that it is a coated tablet. Clearly, a coated tablet is not allowed to be crushed because it is already coated with special material which allows it to release the active substance in the desired location. If ignored, the effectivity might be lower. It was my first assumption. 

In the morning when he whined to come back home and told me that he could not continue the trip to the beach, made me felt even more guilty. I should have been more careful and more put my eyes on him. It was because I was busy watching the other nephews and do some other stuffs.  

Grateful I brought another type of medicine, I told him to finish it and promised him after successfully intaking it, sleeping for hours, then he will feel better. I also promised him, on the way home, I would buy him syrup medicine instead. I didn't know that he is bad with tablet swallowing. If knowing it sooner, I should have bought it before the activity for anticipation. 

He slept for quite long around 7 hours in the morning to the afternoon. As expected, he said to me that he felt better, such a relief, even he said to me that he wanted to continue the trip to the beach. My brother told me to see his condition again later until taking more rest in one night. 

He was getting better. Unfortunately, it was me next getting the fever. The youngest also felt unwell, so we decided not to continue the trip. In addition, their parent also worried since they saw a recent news in the respective beach, some of kids were declared missing when playing on the beach. Glad, that they had good understanding. I promised them to substitute the trip to the beach with trip to the mall, after everyone is getting better. 

Thus, we went to the mall in the following day for having dinner, watching horror movie, and playing Timezone.  Not only with three nephews, another 1 nephew and 1 niece joined us. At least my guilt feeling was paid off seeing them happy. Will we have more time to be together again in the future? 

From what I experienced, I thought that our family togetherness will stay forever, until the unwanted person came and cracked the harmony. She is the cause of the losing of my stability. We should have been getting together as usual, but this year, we were separated, I was like a lost child, I didn't know where to go until my brother invited me to come. 

Hence, from what happened this year, I learned that togetherness may not stay forever, so I should treasure and enjoy more every moment that I have with the family. What will happen in the future, we could not predict, it is beyond our capacity as a human. Sometimes we can predict, sometimes we cannot. It might be something very shocking, outside of our sense, so we need to always be ready. Fasten your seatbelt!

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