Sunday, April 30, 2023

Nemophila Flowers Photo that She Sent

In the middle of the gloomy day after the cheerful feast, I received message from my Japanese friend. Somehow she never forget to check on me. Oh my bad,  recently, it was always her that checked on me first, even at the time when I couldn't be reached via instagram, she still enquired me via line. I should be more proactive. My situation made my mood for socials up and down. Still, wondering about the essence of life. 

Anyway, her photo that she sent successfully improve my mood. She said that, she went to the National Park in Tokyo a day before and took some photos of nemophila flowers. She always capture the photo of flowers prettily. I love flowers. Cherry blossoms in spring, sunflowers and tulips in summer, and chrysanthemum in autumn. 

Ah, those flowers reminded how beautiful Japan is! I miss travelling around Japan when I always find numerous wonderful flowers arranged neatly. Different flowers bloom in different season makes me miss Japan even more.  

At least, I should have been more motivated to live, as I still have a tiny piece of desires to do in my life, i.e., to re-visit Japan. Yeah, but the thing is not getting easy as mentioned before, my mood swing recently is uncontrollable again. I may sometime really want to live to the fullest, in another day, I may not really want to live at all. Argh, so complicated, even I by myself feel confused. 

Regardless of my blabbering above, I felt grateful for having her in my social life and also for not forgetting me like the others. Hope we still can keep in touch. 

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